Garrett Wong

Innovative and energetic software engineer and UCI CS Master's Student experienced in creating interactive web applications with JavaScript and server-side technologies


University of California, Irvine

University of California, Riverside


  • CS166 - Database Management Systems (JDBC, SQL)
  • CS180 - Software Engineering (PHP, mySQL)
  • CS153 - Operating Systems (C)
  • CS165 - Security (C, RSA, Network Security)
  • CS164 - Networks (C, Client-Server)
  • CS100 - Software Construction (Java)
  • CS130 - Graphics (C++)
  • CS061 - Machine Language (Assembly)
  • MATH127 - Optimization
  • Math113 - Linear Algebra


Western Digital

  • July 2011 - Present
  • Develop HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript web applications within ASP.NET 4.0 to drive internal build automation processes in firmware development.

Kaiser Permanente, INROADS Intern

  • June 2008 - August 2010
  • Web Development Intern (Summer 2010) - Developed a C# Web Application for the Regional Pharmacy to manage and improve Pharmaceutical Supply Chain
  • Software Engineering Intern (Summer 2009) - Developed and certified a middleware component to facilitate the transfer of data in the Radiology Department.
  • Processing Services Intern (Summer 2008) - Worked alongside many different I.T. professionals, supporting and maintaing Kaiser's tech infrastructure.

Bourns College of Engineering - Researcher


Programming Blog

Designed the Front End of this wordpress blog which is used to document my Programming practices, lessons learned and cutting-edge technology.

GVamP Note

New v2.0 - Developed this simple note tracking application syncs programming notes and to-do's.

Coma Code Review

Code Review Site developed in less than a week for the Information Technoloy Competition at Cal Poly Pomona in collaboration with Kirby Domingo.

FCBC Walnut

Administer and set up infrastructure and web pages in site.